6 Best DIY Tools For Estate

The Most Used Diy Tool

 Bosch GSB 120 - LI Professional 12V

Bosch GSB 120 – LI Professional 12V with 2 x 1.5 Ah Batteries with Charger and Carry Case

Since there is a large number of “cutting” and “combination” in DIY, so the choice of electric screwdriver becomes quite important for us, if we want to easily handle the most common screw fixing combination method.

This type of electric screwdriver has a lightweight and stable lithium battery. In addition to the long battery life, it can be fully charged in only 30 minutes and is equipped with a power display to help users confirm at any time.

In function, it is equipped with drilling lighting, two-stage speed change, and can also adjust the torque to avoid excessive torque to penetrate the object. With the power of impact drilling, it is not a problem to deal with cement walls.


Safety First, Protective Measures Can Not Be Less

3M Comfort Grip Glove CGL-GU

3M Comfort Grip Glove CGL-GU

The thick fabric of cotton gloves often causes sultry discomfort and difficult grip, which is believed to be the reason why many people risk exposing their hands to hazardous work environments.

The 3M comfort grip gloves greatly improve the shortcomings of traditional gloves. They are comfortable and breathable when worn for a long time. The design that fits the hand makes the work flexible and unhindered. And there are 5 sizes to choose from, even female workers can find a suitable size and activity style.


Universal power supply method, more flexible power configuration

Bosch Professional GSA 12 V-14 Cordless Sabre Reciprocating Saw

Bosch Professional GSA 12 V-14 Cordless Sabre Reciprocating Saw

Manor repairs are often done outdoors, and when there are no sockets, it is more convenient to use rechargeable tools. In particular, Bosch 12V batteries can be used interchangeably between tools. Under the same battery specifications, power configuration is freer.

The sabre saw is not only capable of sawing wood planks, because it is equipped with metal saw blades, it is very convenient to cut iron bars, long screws and PVC water pipes. In addition, it can easily trim garden branches.

The Most Common Metal Cutting Tool


Bosch GWS 750 Professional – Angle Grinder 750 W

Bosch GWS 750 Professional – Angle Grinder 750 W 115 mm M14

Grinding machines are often used to remove metal. The large amount of sparks generated during the process should be kept away from flammable materials. In addition to the above characteristics need to pay attention to, as long as the replacement of different accessories can be polished, chamfered wood and old paint. This is a tool that can help you deal with multiple situations.

The body of this tool is slender, the centre of gravity is evenly distributed, and it is not top-heavy, and it is also effortless when you wearing gloves to work for a long time. The motor shaft is stable and the vibration amplitude is small when rotating, which can effectively reduce the numbness of the wrist and the difficulty of applying force.


Wire configuration can also be fast and safe

WAGO 222-413 3 Conductor

WAGO 222-413 3 Conductor Terminal Block

It is inevitable to connect wires for home repair and modification, but generally, we are not professionals, and there are not too many professional tools to assist with the processing of the contacts. There may be insufficient conditions during connection, resulting in the danger of subsequent line loosening.

The WAGO Classic series can quickly connect single-core wires, stranded wires and other conductors, and can also be removed and reused. No crimping tools and insulating tapes are required for installation. It saves time and effort and the connection is clear and reliable, and subsequent maintenance is easy and convenient.

Universal DIY tape

3M Scotch #35 Electrical Tape

3M Scotch #35 Electrical Tape

Generally, the insulation tape is used to protect the contacts when the wires are connected. However, if poor quality products are selected, it may cause fire due to overheating of the wires. However, there are more than 20 kinds of adhesive tapes for electricians on the official website of 3M. It is really not easy to find high-quality products.

For DIY, Scotch 35 can be said to be a universal type. It has a variety of excellent properties hidden under the inconspicuous appearance. Whether it is thickness, fire resistance, UV resistance and insulation, etc., all comply with national regulations. For home safety, choose good quality materials.

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