How To Choose A Gardening Scissors That Suitable For You

Introduction to Gardening Scissors

Are you still using ordinary scissors with insufficient sharpness to trim the potted plants? As the so-called “workers want to do their best, they must first sharpen their tools”. To create an exclusive secret garden, it is very important to choose a good shear and labour-saving gardening scissors. However, for novice gardeners, how to choose suitable products from the assortment of styles on the market is also a knowledge.

The Advantages Of Garden Shears

The use of garden shears is very wide, and can be used to trim the roots, stems, and leaves of flowers, grass, and trees. Following description is going to show the advantages of gardening scissors.


Not To Cause Wilt Easily

Maybe you will wonder is it necessary to use gardening scissors only to cut a flower or a few leaves? In fact, the difference is that when trimming the leaves and stems of plants, general stationery scissors cannot completely cut the plant fibre tissue with water content, and if you don’t pay attention, it will destroy the plant cells.

If you are greedy for convenience and use unsuitable scissors to trim the plants, it is easy to cause uneven cuts and increase the probability of infection. If bacteria spread from the cut into the stem and root, it will eventually cause the potted plants to become wither. Therefore, in order to allow plants to grow healthily after pruning, it is recommended to use sharp and specially designed gardening scissors with a sharp edge. It will surely help you be handier when pruning.


Reduce the burden on hands when trimming for a long time

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Whether pruning potted plants with hard branches (banyan, cypress, or caring for flowers and harvesting vegetables), after working for a period of time, the hand muscles are prone to fatigue and stiffness.

With the right garden shears, you can complete the work quickly and easily. If you have to keep pruning, with garden shear that special design, you can greatly reduce the waste of strength, and you can easily complete the pruning with just one tap of your finger. 


The Main Points Of Buying Garden Scissors

After understanding the advantages of garden shears, we will then explain how to choose a suitable garden shears that can help you quickly advance to gardening.

Choose The Right Size

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There are various specifications of garden shears on the market, too large size can easily cause muscle fatigue. But too small is not conducive to pruning and lack of smoothness. Scissors which approximately the same size with the length from the middle fingertip to the wrist first will be most suitable. In general, the applicable size for women is less than 18cm; for men, it is more than 20cm.

Suitable For Dominant Hand To Use

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Although most people are right-handed, some manufacturers still introduce gardening scissors for left-handers. When trimming flowers, leaves, and plant stems, non-dominant hands are prone to damage the incision under improper force, and also cause muscle fatigue. Therefore, be sure to choose products that match your dominant hand, or choose a style that is common to both left and right hands.

Easy To Maintain

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In order to trim plants with high water content, the blades of garden shears are usually made of materials that are not likely to rust. Since trimming will inevitably stick to sticking liquid, soil, etc., it is recommended to choose a washable style that is easy to clean and maintain.

Although it is easy to be influenced by the price when buying, as the saying goes, “a penny pays for goods”, instead of choosing inferior products with springs that are easy to peel off and frequent screw loosening, it is better to carefully choose strong and durable styles, even if the blade is dull. The quality of repairs, grinding and maintenance can really become a good helper for gardening.


Choose According To The Plants You Care For

When buying, you can often see the words advertised as “for gardening”, but in fact there are various types of scissors with different functions, sizes and blade shapes. Next, I will introduce you to the three common types and understand their characteristics. After that, it must help to grasp the direction of purchase.

Pruning Shears: Trim 1-2cm Twigs Neatly

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Pruning shears is special in it’s asymmetric and has a certain thickness design. With these design and the spring at the grip can reduce the burden on the hand. According to the shape of the blade, it can be divided into an anvil type and a staggered type. Anvil-type pruning shears can be used to trim dry, dead or lignified branches with just a little force. If you want to trim the stems of flowers and ornamental plants, staggered pruning shears with curved blade tips will be more suitable.

Although this type of scissors has a certain weight, it may be a little bit laborious for women to use. You may choose a wider opening Pruning shear that exactly matches the width of the branches to reduce the loss of strength.

Floral Shears(okubo Scissors): Best For Flower Arrangement And Trimming Ornamental Plants

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Flower shears have symmetrical blades and curved handles and also called as “Okubo scissors”. The handles can be trimmed without fully closed as general stationery scissors.

In addition to pruning twigs with a diameter less than 0.8cm, it also prevents you from fatigue for long time use. It is very suitable for pruning flower arrangements or finishing flower pots. There are many sizes available on the market. The long blades can be used to trim thicker stems and leaves. Don’t forget to choose the appropriate length according to the type of plant you are planting.


Multi-function Scissors: Vegetables, Flowers And Potted Plants

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The multi-function scissors have a symmetry linear blade. Springs are usually added between the handles. As with ordinary scissors, there are many different styles of handles.

This type of scissors is suitable for many applications, from flower arrangements to vegetable harvests, and even trimming branches about 1cm in height. Because the blade is very sharp and can keep the incision intact, it is especially suitable for topping plants (deliberately removing the top branches, so that the plants naturally increase the branching planting method). If you want to operate a small vegetable garden in your front yard, or plant pots on your balcony to beautify your home environment, this type of scissors will be the ideal choice.

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