Some of the Important Table Saw Accessories

The most crucial workhorse for your home workshop is the table saw, and there is no project which can escape from coming to the table saw. Whether it is bevelled, cutting angles, ripping or simply crosscutting, there is no project which won’t be touching the table saw in your DIY projects. But, there are some accessories which you would require for one or the other DIY woodworking project. Below is the list of few essential Table Saw Accessories which you need to have in your armoury for a perfect and successful DIY project.

The Miter Guage

Most of the table saw is designed with its own miter gauge and it is not a good option to make use of such pre-fixed meter gauge installed in the table saw. So, it is necessary that you have your own separate miter gauge that has some cool features. This is one of the best Table Saw

Accessories which you need to have in your armoury. However, the best miter gauge is the one that comes with an adjustable miter bar so as to eliminate the slop when you push the woodpiece through the saw blade.

The miter gauge must have the best and positive stops along with telescoping fences that comprise the flip down stop.

Wixey Angle Gauge

Most of the times you might have noticed that even after setting up the bevel on the table saw to have the precision cut at 45 degrees you have a gap in miters. This is because of the markings on table saw machine which is often half a degree off. This is the reason why you need to buy your separate angle gauge.

The Wixey Miter Gauge is the ultimate and one of the best Table Saw Accessories to have as it ensures that the saw blade is always set to the optimal bevel for precision cutting and it is not an expensive accessory too.

Dado Blade Set

The dado blade set is also one of the must-have Table Saw Accessories for the table saw in your home workshop. This would help you to make some wider grooves for the DIY projects with a single stroke.

You are required to stack the blades in a variety of configurations so as to have precision cut that you need for your project, and you must be able to make an adjustment in it with the help of the spaces available in the package. But you are required to ensure that the table saw you are having in your workshop comprise of arbour so as to accommodate the set of dado blades.

Spiral Featherboard

While working with the table saw, you need to keep the fingers in safe distance from the blades and you might be aware with the kickbacks which are common while working with saw table. So, you need to be aware and also worry for the shoulders and to prevent this, and you must have the featherboard to secure the wood pieces or material against the fences and also prevent the material from slipping off the blade.

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